Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maggie Concept - Aaron

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  1. Dude, these are great! I think you really nailed her eyes and expressions. I might even steal some of these for my animatic, hahaha.

    So I know I said I wanted her limbs to be Muk-like, and while I think you nailed the texture, the limbs need to be thinner. Think the demon boar god from Princess Mononoke ( ). That said, I'm glad you understand the concept of the limbs being paradoxically liquid and yet solid enough to lift her up.

    Interestingly, I think in your three main designs she looks too young, but in your monster designs she looks like the perfect age and size! If you have time, could you draw her with the body you gave her in the monster drawings?

    Hair-wise, I think the best one is the one on the right. The blunt bangs look cool, but it's a bit too stylish for Maggie.

    I believe that's it. Keep it up!