Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Maggie Expression Test

Aah I'm so sorry this swf is taking up the entire blog page! Sorry, sorry.
So I wanted to just animate Maggie going through some basic emotions.  Both are still just rough keys, but the important thing is to get Maggie's mannerisms across in her emotions. She's not super flamboyant or gestural like Lucy is. She's reserved and very subtle. The second video was keying out some more subtle animation through each of the emotions, not necessarily like she would go through each of these emotions in such a short time, but just seeing how far we can push her expressions.

Maggie Facial Expressions

I'm working on animating her face going through different emotions right now, so that's why the body gestures aren't done yet. I'm nearly done with both the animation and the rest of the gestures, so I'll post those both soon. 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Maggie Expressions/Gestures

These were done based on the proportions of the original model sheet.

New Maggie Model Sheet

And here she is with Lucy, who is a WIP but her proportions will likely stay the same.

Tips on animation from Glen Keane

Maggie Expressions

maggie gestures

Ethan Walk Cycle Gif - Lucy

Got the loop down. ;)

Animatic Drawovers FX

Experimenting with animatic poses.

Maggie Expressions and Gestures

Dallin Cheung - Maggie Drawings

Umm.... Yeah... Sorry I ran out of time.

Maggie Gestures

Over 9,000 hours in Flash

Maggies poses and Expressions - More to come

A couple of the Maggie expressions/poses.  As you can see technology isn't something we apparently believe in in our house so here is a nice old collage of sketches.

Meehea - Maggie Expressions & Poses

Sorry this is not finished. I'll work on more later!

Maggie - Expressions and Gestures

Still getting the hang of drawing her on model...

Monday, January 28, 2013

Maggie expressions

I think I may not have the shape of the head without the hood quite right... Any critiques? I also want to post a basic shape breakdown of these poses

Maggie - expressions and poses

Sunday, January 27, 2013

I've got an idea...

In regards to the character animation on "Bothered" that will begin soon: First things first, I am going to be incredibly honest with you all right now and say that I am not the best animator working on this film! There are several extremely talented animators whose skills are objectively better than my own, namely Chelsea, Allen, Christina, Claire, and who knows who else.

BUT! Even though I'm not that great at animation, I do not suck at it completely. I've got to admit, I kind of sucked at character animation until the end of last semester, when something clicked in my brain and I finally started implementing all of the things that Cynthia had been teaching us for years and years, and I feel like I developed a process that allowed me to stop sucking at animation really quickly. That's where I think I can be of service to the rest of you animators, especially you young premajors. I have this idea about teaching a 1 hour crash course called "How to stop sucking at animation FAST" in which I share the process that helped me learn how to stop being a completely crappy animator really quickly.

And I guess what I'm trying to ask is, would anyone be interested in meeting up and learning something like that? I'm going to be incredibly honest again and say that from what I can see of the walk cycles posted on the blog, many of you need it. I don't say that arrogantly; I've animated many a crappy walk cycle in my day. It's just important that we all become as proficient as we can as quickly as possible for the sake of the film. So, if this sounds like something you'd be interested in, feel free to add a comment, or email me if you want to meet up one-on-one and learn about some of the shtuff I learned the hard way. My email is So yeah! Thanks and let me know what you think!

**Christina, Allen, Claire, Chelsea, whoever else has experience: you guys also have a lot of awesome advice to offer on character animation, so I'd be really curious to hear what you guys think about this too :)


Saturday, January 26, 2013

Lucy Walk Cycle

Lucy Walk cycle.
So I finally hijacked a computer and am able to upload my walk cycle!  There's some crazy butt movements which I found too enjoyable to change.

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Walk Cycle

Sorry about the toonboom thing in the way... I didn't
have time to go to the lab and I had to use a toonboom
trial thing at home to get it started...

Markham Carroll - Lucy Walk Cycle

Lucy Walk Cycle

Meehea - Lucy Walk Cycle

Eliza walk cycle

Animated on the threes!

Lucy Walk Cycle - Dallin


THey EBB e BE EVIL~!!!1

FX designs - Paige

I experimented with the initial state of matter when the ink starts to burst out of Maggie's eye.

I am still trying to figure out an appealing hand shape.

Lucy Walk Cycle