Monday, December 31, 2012

More Character Drawings

The first page is some different faces for Lucy, and the rest of the drawings I was trying to play up the contrast between the two figures. I didn't get to outfits too much this week, but for some reason I seem to love putting Lucy in knee-high boots with everything...

Sunday, December 30, 2012

Quick Sketches

Alright, so I was having big issues getting shapes to work for Lucy's body this time around. I'm still tweaking around with it, so, no full body for her this time. My apologies!

Updated designs: Lucy and Maggie

Sorry for the lack of good quality images.  I'm still without a scanner, and my phone is the best camera I could find.  

Maggie and Lucy

I tried playing with expressions and poses and such. Sorry that I couldn't do more!

Lucy and Maggie - Paige

Here are some really rough character sketches.

Saturday, December 29, 2012


Just some sketches of Lucy I've been doing.  Trying out different face shapes/proportions etc.

and I will do more outfit iterations, this is just what I have.

Monday, December 24, 2012

austin balaich

i felt really bad after i totally forgot to do this over the holidays... but after reading callie's post about hats, i drew a quickie.  here it is anyway.  

Maggie hats

I liked the idea a couple of people had for Maggie to have a hat instead of a hood. Depending on the kinds of hood/hats/styles we end up with, it might be a lot easier for the animators to draw consistently. I did a couple of sketches to experiment with head accessories, figured I would put them up here with the other concept stuff.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

Maggie and Lucy Concept

Sorry for the crude upload from a phone camera, but there's no scanner here at my house.  The inking also kind of butchered any nuance in the line art.  It was inked from a small sketchbook, sorry.  Anyway, the first image shows the designs for Maggie and the 2nd and 3rd pictures show the designs for Lucy.  I was trying to make their shapes play well off each other, with Lucy being a tall, almost ice cream cone-looking shape (?) and Maggie being a bit more of a short gumdrop.

Character Sketches

Lucy Lee

 I thought it might be fun if Lucy had a decked out cellphone, perhaps one with some dangly charms that stuck out of her pocket. Could be fun to see them swing around or jingle as she moves around.
Edit: The full body should now be able to be seen in a larger view. Sorry about that. 

Maggie Vasquez

I also played around with the idea of Maggie having a hat of some sort rather than a hood, or maybe utilizing both.

Kendal Kotter - Character Concepts

Callie Shepherd - Character Sketches




Rough Character Sketches

I didn't see any approximate ages included on the google doc. What ages are you wanting Maggie and Lucy to be?  I think my maggie sketches might be too young