Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Subway Paintover Variations

Tell me if any of these images are closer to what you want:

 #2 Super blown out just for fun:


Friday, March 15, 2013

Your inbetweener and YOU

                                            Are you and your inbetweener feeling like this?
Do you look at your shots and feel a little...

Then it's time for some TEAMWORK.
If you don't know your inbetweener/animator, then get to know them right away. You should be in constant contact with one another. These people are your new best friends. Treat them as such.*
The better you both know your shots and what you should be working on (together!!), the better the animation will be. 
Work closely with each other!
Help your animation partner!
Love one another!
COMMUNICATION is KEY! Let each other know what is going on in the scene. And if you don't agree on something...
Then first try to work it out with each other. If that doesn't work, go up your chain of authority. Meaning contact either Jocelyn or I for help. 
If that still doesn't work, we'll work it out with Jarom or Christina. 
But that's not going to happen. 
Because you and your inbetweener are now best friends.**
So right now as you are reading this, email or call or Facebook or stalk follow your inbetweener and get to know them!

Let them know about your shots and what needs to happen and go forth to make beautiful animation.
Have at it! 

* Call them, text them, leave them nice notes, take them to dinner, go for bike rides. Best friend stuff.


Monday, March 4, 2013


Gifs are pretty crappy quality--I'll upload better quality ones later, when I have four more hours of sleep HAAAAAAAAAAAA

By the way, some of this material was totally cribbed from this awesome packet done by Jon Hooper and Michel Gagne. It's clearly from an older time when everything was still done with real paper, but in case my guide doesn't make sense, maybe check that out instead!

Friday, March 1, 2013

Size guide!!

If you feel like there needs to be more elaboration, please let me know! Hopefully this will solve our size discrepancies.