Monday, January 14, 2013

environment concept(2)

  I did this in the last hour of my morning class...sneakily. I added a scissor's gate
( or security gate) to see if it'll look creepier. So when the train stops, the actual doors will open first then the scissor's doors. It is just an old feeling to it and makes you think "what the this place that dangerous which will need two freaking doors?" Tell me what you think. I'll do an at least 3-hour painting next time with colors.

This is the 3-hour concept I promised....from a different camera angle.Sorry about the light source..I wasn't sure how dim or how bright the environment should be.


  1. Yo, this is awesome!! Sincerely considered adding the pipes to the ceiling. The only thing is that I definitely think it needs to be brighter. The flourescent lights need to be oppressive and harsh! Other than that it looks great! Keep it up!!