Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lucy Walk Test

So I wanted to try out a walk for Lucy based on Alyssa's designs--it doesn't have a lot of personality yet, so any ideas for more personality would be appreciated! I'm really excited to try out a walk test for Maggie once her designs are kinda decided on.

****ONE IMPORTANT NOTE I WANTED TO SAY TO EVERYONE ABOUT ANIMATION: I think it would be best for those designing the characters NOT to think in terms of keeping them "simple" necessarily but to think in terms of HAVING A SOLID, WELL-DEFINED STRUCTURE underneath each character. Lucy has an awesome, structural design that makes her body really easy to animate. I actually had a little bit of a hard time feeling out the structure of her head, probably because I am retarded, but still. I see that Maggie needs to have a more baggy feel than Lucy; just make sure there are still SOLID, WELL-DEFINED FORMS to work with in her design. STRUCTURE!!!! FORMS!!!!! 

That's my two cents, anyway :)


  1. Duuuude, that looks aaaawesome!! And yes, I agree with everything you wrote! :)

  2. I love the movement! The thing I would consider changing is her torso maybe having more of an up-down movement for contact etc. I also agree with everything Jocelyn said MINUS the part about her being retarded.